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J U R O R ' S   C O M M E N T S
Sep 1-25, 2023 Girl Stepping Off a Curb

"This urban scene uses shapes, scratches and the clear figure in a most unexpected combination."

--Juror Benton Jones, Autumn Juried Exhibition, Falmouth Art Center

Aug 19, 2023 Garbageman with Nike Pants

"This painting speaks to me about the world that is overlooked. One of the goals of an artist is to teach the viewer to really view the world around us. The painting pops because of the strong use of light and shadows. There is also a gritty quality to the paint and surface of the painting, reinforcing the urban nature of the scene. By simplifying the road and background, the artist has made the neon colored truck and the solo worker the star of the show. Well done!"

--Juror Mark Fernandez, "Amazing Space" Open Juried Show, Rhode Island Watercolor Society

May – Jul 2023
Two Women Sitting

“Although compact in size it presents a significant impression. It's like meeting someone for the first time and you walk away thinking oh- what an endearing person. The two women sitting in Tandem has a sense of timelessness. This could be a moment capturing someone’s grandmother, mother, aunt, sister, partner or an old friend. The composition has a Sense of Place - in a quiet way. it takes me to the Old North End of Boston or even a side street of Krakow, Poland. Their position makes you wonder what they might be talking about and what they see off to the right. The rich yet soft palette elevates these two simple figures resulting in a larger-than-life perspective.”

--Juror Peter Michael Martin, "In Tandem" Exhibition, Cape Cod Museum of Art

Sep – Oct 2022


“This piece shows so much of who we are as people. Each and everyone of us is moving in the world we all live in. It is a world we can all dream in. The figures show so much in their body language.”

–-Juror Nick Paciorek, "World of Wonder" Show, RIWS.

Jul 2022 Woman and a Man (Walking)

“Wonderful body language. A feeling of movement is captured by the soft edges of the figures. The simplicity of the composition increases the narrartive quality and the textural background suggests no place, or every place. A delightful slice of life.”

–-Juror Irena Roman, Summer Juried Exhibition, Falmouth Art Center

Apr – May 2022 Woman and a Man (Walking)

“Wonderful handling of the medium. Creating a sense of movement of the figures, which are created with feeling for each other.”

–-Juror Paul George, “Anything Goes” Show, RIWS.

Aug – Sep 2021 Seeking Human Kindness

“This is a dynamic abstract painting that, secondarily, has a centered figure and a social message. The simplification of shape, contrasted by layers of expressive and energetic calligraphic line is this artist’s very successful personal style.  Notice the use of red-orange: vibrant in the large upper-left rectangle, varied and repeated small in the cup shape, repeated soft-edged and gradated as it heads to the bottom edge of the painting, and finally, little flecks peaking out from the large black shape. This is a wonderful use of color."

–-Juror Tom Lynch, National Juried Show, RIWS

Jun – Jul 2019 Woman (with an Orange Bag)

“One 'flat dimensional painting of an ordinary woman,' as Holl described it, by Richard Pawlak, was made special by its colors."

–-Juror Sarah Holl, cited by Lee Roscoe, Artscope Magazine